Friday, March 1, 2013

Spread the Love: A Clear & Simple Stamps Campaign

Hi there! I'm joining the Clear and Simple Stamps Campaign - Spread the Love over at Amber's blog, Damask Love. The campaign is about revealing the identity of your "blog crush"! I think it's a brilliant idea. We are inspired by so many blogs out there and in my opinion we need to give them more shout outs. 

So here's my shout out to my favorite blog/blogger....drum roll please...the blog that has me inspired the most and has me coming back again and again for more inspiration and ideas is....Damask Love! YES! It's Amber's blog!!! I love her blog so much that she's in my Chrome's Most Visited list. :)

She recently has a series of Blog Photography posts that have inspired me to try to make my own blog photos better. (hence the props you've been seeing lately. lol. plus a new lens...and a longer wish list for camera accessories.) It was totally worth it though!!!

Anyway, onto the color scheme I chose for my project today...I went with the Earth Tone Mix. I LOVE neutral colors. And I could not use gray any less even if I tried. lol. 

If you've been following Amber's blog you would have noticed, Damask Love had a recent "face lift" a few months ago. Amber wanted to make it more than what it already was. And so a new and better Damask Love was born. And ever since it was revamped, I have been glued to it everyday. (literally - although I was already following it before hand) So, in line with this, I made a "Happy Birthday" card to celebrate the new Damask Love (even if I'm sooo late! lol)

For my card, I used Birch Trees from Clear and Simple Stamps. I only have a few of them in my stash, but this one is my favorite. I used it to make my background panel. Then I stamped two gorgeous damask images from WPlus9 Damask Delight. How fitting for my blog crush right?! :) 

Then I added a strip of chocolate brown cardstock and placed my sentiment and die cut from PTI Everyday Photo Finishers over it.

 I have other blog crushes, people from whom I was inspired to try out card making. Blogs that helped me find my niche in our big world of card making. I'm going to try to see if I can make at least another card for a lady who absolutely deserves a shout out. 

But for now, here's my submission to Spread the Love: A Clear & Simple Stamps Campaign. Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed my post! :) 


  1. I had a feeling (from the thumbnail) that I knew who your crush would be ;) So pretty, Jean.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Love this!!!
    Found your blog via the Spread the Love campaign! :) So glad I took the time to bop over and take a peek!

  3. Such a beautiful card Jean! I love the birch trees and the photo finishers strip. I think I need to break down and get that/those sets. Great blog crush and your blog has always looked amazing to me. :)

  4. great combo of damask and birch trees. So elegant and yet a touch of rustic. brilliant!

  5. Ah, I get it, a literal interpretation of Damask Love ... so very clever! Love how you used the birch trees as a frame for your card. And I enjoyed Amber's photography series too. I've had a "nice" camera for MANY years and that dial had not moved off auto. My kids were always too quick for me to figure out settings for a shot. But cards are nice and still. So I started experimenting in AV and M mode, and love it!

  6. Completely in love with this!! It looks like an expensive, high-end bar of chocolate!! Beautiful work and yes, very fitting!

  7. Gorgeous!! Love your experimenting with photographing...I had a "fancy" camera for many years and never used it to its' full capacity and then, it was stolen....I just finally got a cameo and now, you are making me want something else....well, you have a habit of doing that, LOL!!

  8. So - I have to totally agree with Taheerah's comment! This absolutely looks like an expensive, high end bar of chocolate - and considering my obsession with food and crafts, it only makes sense that I would LOVE this card! Thank you for spreading the love and naming Damask Love as your crush! I really appreciate that you are such a loyal reader!!! That means tons to me! I am so happy that you've been putting some of the photo tips into practice. I'm adding you to my reader now so that I can be sure to come back and check out what you're up to!

  9. Congratulations on the big win!!! Awesome opportunity and well deserved!! *Ü*

  10. Wow...what a gorgeous card! Love your use of the colors's so gorgeous! Congrats on your win, very well deserved!

  11. beautiful card, love all the different stamps you used on it and how they all pulled together.



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