Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Papertrey Ink Order

So I ordered, for the very first time, at Papertrey Ink. I've been seeing their stamps everywhere these days and quite frankly their designs are just yummy! So I bought 4 stamp sets and a few sets of cardstock to start off. I was a little disappointed about the delivery though. I placed my order March 23 and only got my order on April 2. Can you imagine how excited and anxious I was!!! Everyday, after work I would look for it on our front porch and everyday that it wasn't there was terrible. Anyway, now that I FINALLY got it, I didn't realize how tedious it was to organize the stamp sets! I had to adhere the stickers to the front and back of the CD case, erase the surface of each stamp to remove any residue from production and had to finally wash them one by one and place them one by one in the CD case. It was sooo tedious!!! It took me 2 hours! Yes 2 hours. Atleast I think it was 2 hours. After 2 hours of setting up the stamp sets and used them straight away!

I love using Colorbox Liquid Chalk ink, but it stained my stamps!!! I tried all my stamp cleaners and they were all useless. :(  So now I guess I just have to deal with the fact that these stamps will forever be stained. I love Papertrey Ink designs, but I wish they would come up with an easier system and stain resistant stamps. I've used different stamp sets from different companies and this is the first time I've seen staining this bad. Oh well, I'm still ordering again though. I just love their designs, what can I say? :)


  1. OMG! I thought I was doing something wrong, expecting something outrageous, or, or.. something - those stamps STAIN!

    But I'm with you, even though it's so much work when that package arrives and they stain like mad, you just gotta love the designs. And I just love, LOVE their Rustic Cream CS!!

  2. FINALLY!!! Someone who agrees with me!!!! Thank You!!!



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