Saturday, April 17, 2010

Scrap Haul 2!!!

Hi all! So last night was a wonderful wonderful Friday night. As I came home from work two packages were waiting for me!!! :) One from Papertrey Ink and another from Stampin Up! I was soooo excited on getting the stamp sets ready so that I could use them. Unfortunately there were so many stamps that had to be assembled and prepped that afterwards I had only time to make one card design!!! And of course since I had been waiting for soooo long to get my hands on the Year of Flowers "Violets" from Papertrey Ink I had to use it first!!! :) Here it is, a simple thank you card that I love love love!!! :) I'm actually thinking of making a set and giving it to my sisters...hmmm :) Enjoy!

I tried to do the shading of the violets in the center differently. With the brown card, I used water color pencils and took the colors straight from the pencil with a water brush. With the lime green card, I used water color pencils and shaded straight on the cardstock, then I used a stump pen with odorless paint thinner to make sure that none of the lines and strokes from the colored pencils would be visible. All in all, I kinda prefer the colored pencils with ordorless paint thinner look much better.

~ Jean

ps.  Oh! And welcome to new followers! Thanks ladies! I hope you enjoy the cards that I make! :)


  1. Very sweet cards, they would make a great gift as a set! I've never tried my watercolor pencils on cards, but you've inspired me!

  2. try the odorless paint thinner. they sell them at local craft stores for $6 for big bottle which will last you forever! :) and the look you get is really really need to spend so much on copic markers? hehe perhaps not...but it looks good just the same...try it!



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