Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stuck in Hawaii

Hi friends! It looks like my dh and I are stuck here in Hawaii until Saturday, November 3. We were supposed to leave today but they cancelled our flight this morning. The only available slot we could get was on November 3. 

The hotel has been wonderful. Allowing us to stay in our room for a much lower rate. They had already upgraded us to a suite on our first day here for free and now they've given us 50% off on our original price for a regular room to stay in this suite until our flight.

So if anyone there is planning on going to Hawaii in the future...Hilton Hawaiian Village! It's absolutely wonderful. Great for families too. :)

I'll keep you posted as much as I can. Thanks for the well wishes. I hope everyone in the East Coast is ok. Stay safe!


  1. Jean the important thing is that you are safe. I flipped out when I heard you were under a Tsunami alert after the BC earthquake last weekend. So glad that didn't happen. Just enjoy more of beautiful Hawaii until Saturday!

  2. How wonderful of the hotel to do that for you! Hope that you are able to enjoy and make the most of the extra time!

  3. Yes Tracey. We were thinking it was crazy with the hurricane on the East Coast and then a Tsunami here...good thing we're at the 21st floor...and nothing happened.

  4. There could be worser places to get stucked but glad you are safe and what a great hotel and so kind of them.
    Have a safe flight home.

  5. OMG ... you 'poor' thing!!!!!!! What a great place to be 'stuck'!!! Good for you :) We've stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village twice in the past - FAB-U-LOUS accommodations, great dining and shopping - beautiful beach front access to Waikiki Beach. Wish I were with you!! Hugs!

  6. Hope you enjoyed your vaca...perfect place to be stuck!!! Hope things weren't too bad when you returned!

  7. Well if there is anywhere I'd want to be stuck. it's there :-) Hope you arrived home safe!



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