Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cards Magazine

I just got a Cards Magazine today. I was drawn by the card on the cover and when I started browsing through the magazine...WOW! There were sooo many wonderful cards! They had so many good ideas, wonderful patterned papers, and a wide array of stamps! I must admit, since I'm only a beginner when it comes to cards I don't own a lot of stamps. But looking at all these beautiful cards makes me want to start a stamp collection. I was startled at the price of the magazine though. $19.95 for a small magazine? It was a good thing I had a 40% coupon and it took a lot out of the price of the magazine. Thank you coupons!!! I was thinking of subscribing to it since I enjoyed the magazine a lot, but after looking at the prices of a subscription...I don't think I'll be doing that anymore. $90 for 12 magazines...I REALLY don't think so!

Anyway, after looking at so many nice cards, I thought I could try my hand at making one. Here it is, enjoy! ~ Jean


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  2. Very elegant card and very cool idea to use the stamp!!!
    I also have this stamp and they are soooooo many possibilities with it! Honestly you don't need a lot of stamps (my experience after3 years stamping), because with one stamp you have endless possibilities as I said before, depends which design paper you combine with. I'm collecting design papers (cheaper option than stamps;) and I have a lot of fun with few stamps (no space for them in my little studio).
    Love your taste, looking forward to see more of your cards!
    Happy stamping!

  3. I just discovered Papertrey Ink. They have wonderful stamp sets and they come in this little thin CD case! I'm pretty sure it won't take too much space in your studio. I love patterned paper too. When I work it's the pattern paper that inspires me and I just wing it from there. Thanks for the comment!



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