Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I"m Back Home!

Hi! I'm back home from vacation. That was a wonderful wonderful vacation that I wish wouldn't end. There was only one little thing though...I didn't have my scrap/card making table!!! Although there were so many things to do and see, I would always miss making cards and scrapbook pages. And so I would find myself running into booksales to look for back issues of my favorite craft magazines. (Card making and scrapbooking are still new to the Philippines and so they didn't have much for me.) I did find to my delight that there's a Scrapbooking Society of the Philippines! Looking at samples from what the members had made gave me a little smile each time. Although they have no idea what they're missing!!! Scrapbooking and card making supplies were so scarce I wondered how they managed to make those pages let alone start a Scrapbooking Society! I hope more of our supplies find their way there so that more people can enjoy what we are all enjoying right now. So on my first few days at home I made a scrapbook page and card. Here's my card, I feel a little rusty so bear with me. :)

I'm still not very good at taking pictures of my cards. It looks so different when I look at it on my desk and when I see it on my blog. The colors aren't as vibrant. I only have a point and shoot little Canon camera for now...perhaps later on?.....  :)

Oh and you will not believe what I found in one of my trips!!! A little market that sells paper/fabric flowers, ribbons, buttons, rhinestones...and soooo much more!!!! The ribbons were $3-$5 dollars each for 50 yards!!! Yes! You read that right! 50 yards!!!! I was in ribbon heaven!!! I couldn't buy all the ribbons I wanted for fear of not being able to bring them all back due to weight constraints. And so I ended up with 40 spools! :) 

I was sooo excited while choosing that the sales clerks couldn't understand why! Hahaha! But they were all smiling. I guess it was because I looked like a kid who found ice cream heaven! :) Anyway, it's good to be back updating my blog. 

Thanks and take care!
~ Jean

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