Saturday, March 13, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Challenge

Hi! Stormy day today! My poor husband had to go back to work twice today to take care of some things. I've been cleaning and doing laundry all day. Even gave the dogs a bath :) After everything was done, I suddenly wanted to relax and make a card. I just watched Kristina Werner's Finally Friday Video last night and I wanted to make a card myself. She's such an inspiration. I find myself waiting for Mondays and Fridays gladly because of her videos. I'm not very familiar with St. Patrick's Day, I just notice green all around hehe.
And so this is my version of a St. Patrick's Day card! Hope you like it!

I chose different shades of green and blue-greens. I hope it's visible in the picture. I don't have a very good light source and so sometimes my pictures don't exactly look the same as the real thing. But I hope this looks good enough! I had fun making this card! And just because I have a little more time on my's another one! Enjoy!

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