Monday, October 18, 2010

Handmade Flowers

Hi friends! I just wanted to show you some of the flowers I've been making lately. These are the more tedious ones to make. But they look really beautiful. I took a small Prima flower and broke it into its components. I tried to recreate it but I don't have anything to make those beautiful grooves that are usually found in Prima flowers. I tried to distress the petals as much as I can to get more dimension.

I know I promised I would make a tutorial on how to make one of my flowers. I just need someone to take a picture while I'm making them! My husband's been busy lately and usually tired when he gets home. I wanted to give him enough rest time. Hopefully this weekend I can ask him to help me. :) In the mean time, here are the flowers I made.

I used my Marvy Uchida punches. The six petal flower punch, a medium and small version of the punch. The bigger flowers have 4 medium punched out flowers and 3 small punched out flowers. The smaller ones have 4 small punched out flowers. I noticed that the Prima flowers were very hard/firm to the touch. I sprayed these with canned adhesive. It gave the flowers a little shine and the petals hold much better.

Here's a close up shot of them. 


  1. Wow, these are really beautiful! They look like a lot of work but they're truly gorgeous.

  2. These look beautiful. So glad I stumbled across your blog.



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