Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Tree

Hello everyone! I know it's been quiet around here for days now. I've been very busy wrapping gifts, writing cards and baking. I know I promised you a picture of the tree and here it is. I was making some sugar cookies when I realized that I still haven't taken any pictures of the tree to show you! So I took some even if it was at night. Hopefully the pictures still came out great.

I took some close up shots of some of my favorite ornaments. Here's my hand made one that made it to the tree! :) I had absolutely no time to make any more so there were only a few of these around the tree.

Some of the ornaments I got from Target, the others from Michael's. This is my favorite. It's a glass ornament I got from Target.  

I also found some jeweled ones in Michael's. I came in at the right time when they were having a great sale and I also had a coupon for 30% off your entire purchase including sale items! :)

I love the glass balls as well as the wood ornaments. I thought the wood ornaments brought some shabby chic into the equation. :)

OK. So I couldn't take a picture of the ENTIRE tree because I had made a big mess in the kitchen that I didn't want all of you to see. Hahaha. 

I'll be back soon with some cards! Enjoy the holidays! :)


  1. Jean your tree looks fantastic and I loved seeing all your favourite ornaments. Your shabby chic tree with all new ornaments turned out perfectly. Merry Christmas!

  2. Was the big mess a Sugar cookie snowflake one?? (chuckled out loud) Your ornaments are so perfect for you....soft, subtle, colors with a zing factor!! Beautiful tree!

    1. lol Vickie! Yes it was! Haha! They didn't turn out looking so great so I didn't take any pictures. :)

  3. Beautiful tree ... the handmade one looks like it took FOR-ever!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!! Love the crystal and sparkle!

  5. Love it! So pretty and elegant. Wishing you and your family Merry Christmas and a Peaceful Holiday Season.

  6. your tree's awesome and thanx for sharing. ours' had been ivory the past three years so I mixed it up this year with red/ivory (here).



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