Monday, December 20, 2010

Cards that didn't make it.

Hi bloggies! I've been a little busy making some cards for some magazine submissions. I didn't want to leave you hanging dry here. So I'm posting some of the cards that didn't make it for publishing. 

This one was supposed to be a Teacher's card. I have no teacher stamps. I improvised and used these apples. I wasn't so sure about this one. I'm not very good with cutesie cards. And this one seemed to fall in that category....I think.

I'm not sure if this one was for a submission call or if I'd already posted it on my blog. Anyway, I'm showing it you ladies just in case. :)

Another Mother's Day card. I was hoping this one would make it. Perhaps it was too much? Even though, I had a lot of fun making this very feminine card. Well, that's it for tonight. I noticed there isn't a lot of activity in blogland right now. I hope this post brings you some inspiration...even if they are rejects. Hahahhaa! Good night everyone! 


  1. What? These cards would be on the cover if I owned a mag.BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Beautiful cards, even if they didn't make the cut! I especially love the teacher card and will be CASEing it when I need to do a teacher thank you in the future!

  3. Those are great cards!! I love how you improvised for the teacher's card, it came together perfectly!

  4. My favourite is the 3rd card - soooo beautiful!
    Thanks for showing us these beauties!
    Have a nice day!

  5. Such beautiful cards! I especially love the polka dot one, so cute!



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