Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cards that didn't make it.

Good morning! Just as promised, I'm posting some cards that were not accepted in the submission calls that I sent them to. 

I loved this one. The soft colors and that ribbon. I even remember almost losing patience in sewing the buttons haha! I don't like to sew very much. And I wasn't using a needle! I was just threading the buttons with the thread which made it harder. Mental note: get a big needle! I thought for sure this one was going to be accepted. Oh well! At least I get to show it to you ladies right?! :)

I thought this simple card was also pretty. I just love all the soft colored patterned paper. And I thought those small hearts were darling. I hope you like this one! :)

This one's theme was supposed to be ribbons. So I decked it with so much!!! Hahaha! I think these cards were made when I first bought my seam binding ribbons. I was sooo excited to use them! That I used them on ALL the cards I had made that batch! :) Thanks for stopping by this morning! I'll probably have more throughout the day since it's Saturday and I have some time in my hands to play! :)


  1. buff!!! gorgeous cards!!!!!

    I like the 3, the color combos that you used and the elements that you put, but my favorite is "good luck" I love it! it's wonderful

  2. These are ALL beautiful! You do such inspiring work! Such great talent :-)

  3. They´re all wonderful, but I like the "with love" card best ... if I were the editor, I would have chosen this one for sure!
    Have a nice weekend!



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