Monday, December 27, 2010

Yay! I won!

Oh my goodness! Hi bloggie friends! I joined the Papertrey Ink December blog hop yesterday. When I woke up this morning, I was thinking to myself, " If I win, what stamp set would I choose?". After 2 hours of helping with the shoveling outside, I stepped in for some hot cocoa and a chance to rest. We're totally snowed in, so there was no way we were even going to go to work. Anyway, I checked in on my emails and checked my favorite websites. And I saw this by accident:

Jean Martin was able to reuse some beautiful white ribbon she received on a gift from a dear friend to create this stunning birthday card.  The soft color scheme of the overall project allows the ribbon to remain bold, even though it is a neutral white.  And adored the details she added to the center of the butterflies!

I was so tired from shoveling that I almost forgot to check on the results of the blog hop!! What a wonderful gift to find after all that shoveling!!! I'm soooo excited!!! :) And so very, very grateful! Thank you so much Papertrey Ink!!!


  1. I am SO glad you won. The instant I saw your card I thought it was one of the nicest cards I have ever seen. I was hoping you would be the one!!

  2. Congrats girly! I am proud of you. I saw the news this morning. Looks like you got about 13 inches?? ;)

  3. @Donna: Awww thanks! That's so sweet of you. :)
    @Heather: We got 2 feet of snow here Heather! It was insane! I'm just glad we're all safe and warm now. :)



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