Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Sis! and a card from Chupa!!! :)

Hi everyone! It's my youngest sister's birthday today! She's miles and miles away and I miss her sooo much! I made a card for her and I hope she'll like it. I can't take full credit for this one. I saw Melissa Phillip's card while I was flipping through my January 2010 CARDS Magazine and I fell in love with her card. She used hot pink, brown, light olive and cream together in a card. It's was just gorgeous! My sister's personality TOTALLY suited the color combination. I even loved the layout. EVERYTHING!!! Have I said I loved everything about Melissa's card?! So I cased it for my sister! :) I hope she likes this one! 

Ooooh!!! You won't believe what came in the mail for me today! Chupa sent me a card!!! She's such a thoughtful and sweet lady! I wish I was naturally thoughtful like that! Thank you soooo much Chupa!!! I LOVE the card!!! :)


  1. Love your card and Chupa's too! Great cards ladies!

  2. Nice birthday card. Chupa's card is very nice too.

  3. Your birthday card is stunning, Jean! Love the layered star and circles and that color combo is fabulous. Chupa's card is sweet, too!

  4. aww.. thanks for the beautiful card! i love it! and i love how you associated the colors with me! thank you so much for the card! and thank you for the special mention :) love you!



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